Other Data Sources

Nova Scotia provides cancer data each year to the Canadian Cancer Registry. An annual report using this data is prepared in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. The most recent report on the data is produced by the Canadian Cancer Society. (Link last updated: July, 2014)

Nova Scotia provides data to the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) for various system performance initiatives. Links to some reports are provided below. 

Breast Cancer Control, Special Report
(Link last updated: July, 2014)
Colorectal Cancer Screening - (Link last updated: July, 2014)
Cancer View Canada - (Link last updated: July, 2014)

Statistics Canada Information - Search for Diseases and health conditions
(Link last updated: July, 2014)

CCNS also provides data to local, national and international researchers. Each research request must be reviewed and approved by ethics board(s) at the appropriate organizations. Once approval is received, CCNS provides de-identified data for research purposes. 
        • What is de-identified data? This is data that cannot be tracked back to any individual (no use of SIN or Health Card, etc). When numbers are small, CCNS may suppress the data depending on how data will be used and reported.

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