Socio-behavioural Research

Because all Canadians should receive timely and supportive care, cancer research needs to be linked to those who make policy and are responsible for service delivery. Socio-behavioural research makes that link. It aims to improve cancer prevention and cancer care for patients and their families.

Examples of socio-behavioural research include studies on lifestyle, physical activity, tobacco use, and palliative and end-of-life care. Findings from these types of studies kind can be used to develop practical policy recommendations for cancer prevention and control. Research in this field emphasizes evidence-based programs. Its impact on policy is often also evaluated.

Cancer Care Nova Scotia supported a socio-behavioural research study that was published in September 2003 titled, Physical Activity Counseling by Health Care Professionals: The Need for a Consistent Message

Other links of interest include the Children's Lifestyle and School-performance Study being conducted in Nova Scotia.

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