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A greater focus on supportive care

There’s a new face gracing the halls of Cancer Care Nova Scotia. Marianne Arab is our new and first Manager of Supportive Care. Marianne brings a wealth of experience to the role from her previous position as Bereavement Coordinator at Capital Health.

Supportive care is critical to ensuring patients and families receive optimal treatment and care.  “Supportive care touches on every aspect of the lives of oMarianne Arabur patients and their families – on how cancer impacts us physically, emotionally, practically, spiritually, and psychologically,” says Marianne. “Quality supportive care is needed at all points in the cancer journey.”

“What’s most important to remember,” she notes, “is that everyone’s journey is different and the times when they are most in need will differ. That is why it’s essential to let the patient identify what kind of help they require and when they require it.”   

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