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Colon Cancer Prevention Program – The first nine months

FIT TestAbout 5,000 Nova Scotians in three district health authorities got a healthy surprise in 2009 when they opened their mailbox: a colon cancer screening kit. This year the kits will be making their way to even more mailboxes around the province.

The Colon Cancer Prevention Program was launched in March 2009 by Cancer Care Nova Scotia in South Shore Health, the Cape Breton District Health Authority, and Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority. By spring of this year, it will be rolled out in one more district and by spring of 2011, the innovative program will be available province-wide.

The program gives Nova Scotians easy access to screening for colon cancer, using a test, called a Fecal Immunochemical Test or FIT, that is done at home. “Results from a survey of participants indicate that there is 100 per cent acceptance of the test,” says Dr. Bernard Badley, Medical Director, CCNS’s Colon Cancer Prevention Program. “All those who did the test said they would do it again and would recommend their family and friends complete it when they receive their invitation.”

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