September 2009

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 (L-R) Darolyn Walker, Cancer Patient Navigator; Shirley Hubbard, Volunteer; The Hon. Maureen MacDonald, Minister of Health; Joyce d'Entremont, Director of Nursing; and Cathy Blades, VP, Clinical Care, South West Health

Rooms with a view – and so much more

Seven years after planning first began for a cancer centre in Yarmouth, those plans have become reality. The South West Health Cancer Centre is now officially open.
“It’s beautiful,” says Michel d’Entremont, a resident of Middle West Pubnico, who had low-grade non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “It’s well designed and spacious – and the view is beautiful.”

The spectacular view reflects the thoughtfulness and care that has gone into creating the cancer centre, says Pamela Robichaud, SWH Cancer Program Manager. “You have a view of Yarmouth Harbour, and you can see the ferry come and go. It’s real quality – quality you can’t measure.”

“There is an emotional comfort,” she adds, “to being treated at home in a place that makes you feel valued.”

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