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Colon Cancer Prevention Program expands

Gordon TreichelGordon Treichel, who lives in Darling’s Lake, Yarmouth County, was 55 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. “As part of a routine check up my family doctor suggested I complete a screening kit for colon cancer,” said Mr. Treichel. “The test found blood in the stool. The next step was colonoscopy, which found and removed polyps. Next was surgery. Today, I am cancer free, most likely because my cancer was found very early through screening.”

Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Colon Cancer Prevention Program was developed for people like Mr. Treichel  – reaching out to Nova Scotians who are between 50 and 74 years old and have no signs or symptoms of disease. The Program was launched in three early adopter districts - South Shore Health, Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority and Cape Breton District Health Authority – just over a year ago. The short-term goal: to build a quality, comprehensive screening program to prevent colon cancer when possible or find it at an early stage, as in Mr. Treichel’s case, when cure is more likely. The long-term goal: to decrease mortality from colon cancer. The expansion of the Colon Cancer Prevention Program to South West Health on April 19, 2010 brings CCNS one step closer to achieving these goals.

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