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Landmark study is looking for your help – and your toenails

atlanticpathNova Scotians are offering their help – and their toenails – in the fight against cancer. To date, roughly 2000 individuals have come forward to take part in The Atlantic PATH, the largest cancer study in the history of our region. In all, 30,000 participants from Atlantic Canada are needed.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity and support of Nova Scotians,” says Principal Investigator Dr. Louise Parker. “However, we have a long way yet to go.”

Cancer Care Nova Scotia is an active partner of this landmark initiative, which is part of the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project, a $42 million national study funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. This study will follow the health of 300,000 Canadians between the ages of 35 and 69 for up to 30 years to determine what role lifestyle, the environment and genetics play in the development of cancer and other diseases.

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