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One woman’s journey

Heather HoggHeather Hogg was nearing the end of her MBA program eight years ago when she noticed a spot on her face was getting larger. She went to her family doctor, who routinely did a biopsy in such situations, and thought no more about it – until she completed her thesis.

“I finished my thesis on a Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning and said, ‘I have cancer.’ It was like my mind was protecting me. Now that my thesis was done, it could turn to dealing with this,” says Heather, vice president of the Royal Bank in Halifax.

Heather was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. She didn’t know much about this type of cancer – at first. “I’m very much an information seeker, and I was a nurse and genetic counsellor for hereditary cancer. My training is all about finding answers,” she says. “I knew if they caught it early the chances of a successful treatment were much greater.”

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