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CCNS Congratulates Retirees

CCNS congratulates Holly Chapman, Cathie Watson, Mary (Mimi) Davis, and Joanne Cumminger on their recent and/or pending retirements.

• Holly Chapman has served as Cancer Patient Navigator for Cumberland Health Authority since 2009. During the last five years, Holly has supported more than 400 individual cancer patients and families. Holly has also supported family physicians, other community health professionals and cancer specialists as well as developing very positive cross border relationships with New Brunswick’s cancer system. Since many patients served by Cumberland Health Authority live far closer to Moncton than Halifax, they often receive their care in Moncton. The arrangement is beneficial for patients and families, but it can present challenges around coordination of care. Holly worked with members of the New Brunswick cancer system to help make the patient experience as seamless as possible. Holly retired April 17, 2014.

• Cathie Watson has played an important role in Nova Scotia’s cancer system for more than 15 years. She worked for many years at Pictou County Health Authority and from the late 1990s until 2011 she was responsible for oncology, including cancer patient navigation as well as child and maternal health. In 2011, Cathie joined the Atlantic Provinces Pediatric Hemaotology Oncology Network (APPHON) as the Levels of Care Coordinator. Cathie retires on April 30, 2014.

• Dr. Mary (Mimi) Davis joined Capital Health and Dalhousie University as a medical oncologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine in 1995. Her areas of specialty are head and neck cancers and malignant melanoma. Dr. Davis is very dedicated to her patients and strongly believes in the importance of providing care as close to a patient’s home as is safely possible. Since 2006, Dr. Davis has been travelling to Yarmouth between two and three times each month so that patients who live in the southwestern corner of the province do not have to travel three hours to Halifax to see a cancer specialist. In addition, she has conducts some patient visits with the help of Telehealth (video conferencing) technology. Dr. Davis is a committed mentor and educator to undergraduate medical students and post-graduate residents. In her spare time she is an avid reader and enjoys making and baking bread. Dr. Davis retires April 30, 2014.

• Joanne Cumminger was one of the original three Cancer Patient Navigators in Nova Scotia. Since 2001, Joanne has supported more than 2,500 individual cancer patients and families in Pictou County Health Authority; she has supported countless family physicians and other community health professionals, providing them with that important link to the formal cancer system; and she has supported cancer specialists, providing them with insight into the challenges rural patients often face. As Navigation expanded across the province, Joanne helped to mentor and orient new cancer patient navigators. Joanne’s leadership and contributions to her community will be recognized later this spring when she receives the Health Advocacy Award from the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia. Joanne retires the end of June 2014.

Congratulations to Joanne, Holly, Cathy and Mimi. CCNS thanks you for your many contributions to Nova Scotia’s cancer system. We will miss you, but we wish each of you a very happy retirement.

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