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Oral Systemic Therapy
An online toolkit for Nurses
042014karaHistorically, cancer patients who were prescribed systemic therapy (chemotherapy) received it through intravenous infusion either as an outpatient in a clinic or as an inpatient. In these controlled settings, policies and procedures with many checks and balances are in place to ensure patient safety. There are verification check points at the time of ordering, prior to dispensing, and prior to administering systemic therapy, all of which are in place to ensure patient safety.

Today, however, the availability and use of oral systemic therapies are on the rise. While oral systemic therapies have many benefits, they introduce new challenges for patients and health care professionals. It is essential that both patients and health care professionals involved with their care recognize the complexities of the drug prescribed and the various safety measures necessary to reduce potential errors and side effects and ensure effectiveness of the treatment.

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