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Understanding the connection between racism and health
Shining a light and encouraging dialogue among health professionals, the academic community and the public about a serious issue such as racism and health in a way that is respectful, engaging and compelling is no easy feat. Yet, Dr. David Williams, a world renowned expert in racism and health, did just that.

A researcher from Harvard University, Dr. Williams visited Halifax in February 2014 as part of a visiting scholar lecture series, a collaborative effort of Cancer Care Nova Scotia, the Health Association of African Canadians, Dalhousie University and Capital Health. During the two-day visit he met with health professionals, government officials, and the academic community. He also presented a public lecture. The health professional sessions and the public lecture were made available across the province through Telehealth and live streaming.

“There was record attendance at all of his presentations and he did not disappoint, said Meg McCallum, Provincial Manager, Education and Patient Navigation, Cancer Care Nova Scotia. “His presentations emphasized that racism can have a profound effect on people’s health.”

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