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colon kit2Home Screening Kits for Colon Cancer: back in the mail 

Good news! The Home Screening Kit for colon cancer is saving lives. In fact, since the program was introduced in 2009, the home screening kit has identified more than 2,400 Nova Scotians with pre-cancers or cancers.

Home screening kits for colon cancer are back in the mail. The issue with increased sensitivity of the device used to process the home screening kit has been fixed. Cancer Care Nova Scotia encourages all Nova Scotians, 50-74 years old, to complete the kit when it arrives in their mail box.

If you are between 50 and 74 years old, you will receive a home screening kit in your mail box a few weeks after you turn an even age (50,52, 54, etc.). And, if you already received a home screening kit in the past and decided to wait and complete it when the testing device had been fixed, we encourage you to do your test now.

If you had an even birthday during the seven months the program was temporarily suspended (April – October 2013), you will receive your kit through a phased-in approach over the next seven months. For example, people who had even birthday in May will begin to receive their kits within the next month. A complete mail-out schedule is available by visiting or by calling 1-866-599-2267.

Badleynov13“We know that some people may be concerned about having to wait a few extra months for a home screening kit,” said Dr. Bernard Badley, Medical Director, Colon Cancer Prevention Program. “However, a delay of a few months in completing the test is no cause for concern since it may take up to a dozen years for a small growth in the colon to turn into cancer. Anyone who has possible symptoms or concerns about colon cancer should not wait for a home screening kit. Instead, they should talk with their family doctor or health care provider about the test that is right for them.”

“The Colon Cancer Prevention Program was developed to find pre-cancer and cancer before there are warning signs or symptoms, when treatment is most effective. The home screening kit works, but we need more people to do the test when they receive it. When your kit arrives in the mail, take five minutes and do the test each and every time you receive it. Those few minutes may save your life.”
For more information about the Colon Cancer Prevention Program can call 1-866-599-2267 or to find out when you can expect to receive your kit, visit


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