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Extending Tamoxifen use beneficial for some breast cancer survivors

Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Breast Cancer Site Team is recommending breast cancer survivors and their doctors discuss the option of extending the use of the drug Tamoxifen from five to 10 years.

younisThe recommendation comes in light of a new study showing a lower risk of breast cancer recurrence and improved survival for some patients. However, patients need to know there is also an increased risk for endometrial cancer and blood clots by extending the use of the drug.

 "Treatment decisions are never black and white, but information is key to making an informed decision," said Dr. Tallal Younis, medical oncologist and co-chair of Cancer Care Nova Scotia's Breast Cancer Site Team. "Choosing the 10 year treatment strategy should be based on an individual's personal risk of recurrence, previous tolerance of Tamoxifen and personal preference. I encourage women to speak with their family physician or other primary care provider and if need be, ask for a referral back to their oncologist for further discussion."

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