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Standards Development -- work continues on many fronts

Cancer Care Nova Scotia, with the help and commitment of its partners, continues to make progress on many fronts under the umbrella of standards development. Since beginning to develop treatment standards for the management of rectal cancer, the work has evolved to include development of standards for the diagnosis and referral of patients who visit their doctor’s office with symptoms, which could be related to colon and/or rectal cancer; supportive care standards; and health professional and patient education standards. The work in all of these areas is intended to provide the foundation for improved cancer patient care and outcomes.

In February 2013, the Rectal Cancer Treatment Standards Working Group completed the first draft document of provincial standards for the treatment of rectal cancer. This document was circulated to senior leaders in the district health authorities, along with a link to an electronic survey and a request that the draft standards and survey be shared with all health professionals who have an interest in rectal cancer. Rectal cancer survivors will also have an opportunity to review the draft standards. Work is underway to design a process for patient, survivor and family feedback.

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