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Sunshine Room - an Oasis for Cancer Patients - turns 10!

You can feel the warmth, the caring and the positive energy flowing from the Sunshine Room even before entering the space. For the last 10 years cancer patients and their families, more than 100 a week, have been greeted by a larger-than-life painting of a sunflower and a warm and inviting welcome by one of the Sunshine Room’s 75 volunteers.

The room is a bright and cheerful yellow with a comfortable sofa, and a couple of arm chairs for reading, relaxing or visiting with family, friends or fellow patients. Within the space, there is a private area where volunteer licensed therapists provide complementary services including: massage therapy, reflexology, therapeutic touch, reiki, and healing touch. Licensed hair dressers also have space within the room. They volunteer their time to provide free hair services including haircuts, wigs and wig fittings, head scarves and hats.

For Janice Reede, the Sunshine Room is like a home away from home.” You’re not going to believe this,” she said, “but my kitchen at home in Yarmouth is bright yellow and the curtains have sunflowers on them. I come here every day after my treatment.”

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