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Preventing Colon Cancer

colonjan13Each year about 800 Nova Scotians are diagnosed with colon cancer and many of them have no warning signs or symptoms. The Colon Cancer Prevention Program is trying to change this. If you are between 50 and 74 years old, you can help. When you receive the test in the mail, take five minutes and do it. It could save your life. It likely saved Mr. Smith’s life.

“I got the test in the mail and although I was feeling fine, I did the test anyway, said Franklin (Lynn) Smith from Mabou. “My test result was abnormal and I needed a colonoscopy. The doctor found and removed seven polyps during the colonoscopy. He told me they would have become cancer if they had not been removed. The ten minutes I took to do that screening test probably saved my life.”

“Our Colon Cancer Prevention Program has already saved the lives of 800 Nova Scotians,” said Dr. Bernard Badley, Medical Director, Colon Cancer Prevention Program. “If more people did the test when they got it in the mail, we would save even more lives.”

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