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Sun Safety at Work Canada - Protecting Outdoor Workers

outdoorworkerThe incidence of skin cancer, though largely preventable, is on the rise across the country. In Nova Scotia, more than 2,000 new cases of non melanoma and about 300 cases of melanoma are expected in 2015.

Outdoor workers such as those in construction, landscaping, highways, farming and parks are among those at greatest risk for overexposure to UV rays, the primary preventable risk factor for skin cancer. Sun safety is an important priority in Nova Scotia given our high percentage of outdoor workers and high rates of skin cancer.

These were factors in Nova Scotia’s decision to participate in Sun Safety at Work Canada, a project funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. Its purpose is to develop an effective and sustainable sun safety program for outdoor workers that can be applied in worksites across Canada. In addition to Nova Scotia, Sun Safety at Work Canada has engaged 13 work sites in British Columbia, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

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