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Palliative care – a helping hand for patients and families

DavidHendersonAs a resident with Memorial University’s School of Medicine in St. John’s, Dr. David Henderson spent one month training in a palliative care unit. That experience motivated him to spend the next two decades studying and practicing in this important area.

“I really didn’t know what to expect entering the rotation but quickly saw how a team of professionals worked hard to help both the patient and their family understand and adapt to the changes in their lives as the patient was dying,” said Dr. Henderson, Medical Director, Palliative Care Program with Colchester East Hants Health Authority in Truro.

“With prompt, efficient, and effective pain and symptom management, the patient and family were able to focus on quality of life and life closure,” he noted. “This touched something in me, and I have focused on this practice of medicine throughout my career.”

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