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Ed Branton
Colon cancer screening test gets an A+ 

CCNS’s Colon Cancer Prevention Program
The Facts:
-As of March 25, 2011 Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Colon Cancer Prevention Program is available across Nova Scotia

-The program is intended for people between the ages of 50 and 74 who have no warning signs of the disease. People who have concerns or symptoms of colon cancer should not wait for a screening test, they speak with their family doctor about the test that’s right for them.

-The Program is being phased in across the province over the next two years. People born in even years will be mailed kits shortly after their birthday in even years. Those born in odd years receive their kits during odd years. Participants are re-invited every two years following the initial invitation. Doing the test once is not enough. It needs to be done every two years to be effective.

- For more information about CCNS’s Colon Cancer Prevention Program, visit or call

When Ed Branton, who is 64,  received his colon cancer home screening kit in the mail, he initially decided he would not take part. “I was reluctant to do it,” he says. “I felt good, and I take care of myself.”

Still, he didn’t throw the test out. Although no one close to him had been diagnosed with colon cancer, he knew that there was a lot of cancer in his family. This thought went through his mind every time he saw the unopened screening kit lying on his counter. “I finally said, ‘What the heck,’ and did the test. It was fairly easy. It took all of 10 minutes.”

Ed says those 10 minutes saved his life.

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