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Start running and stop smoking – a recipe for success






Smoking is highly addictive and quitting is not easy.

The good news is that it is never too late to benefit from quitting smoking, and 2016 is the ideal time to join a new kind of smoking cessation program. Run to Quit, offered by the Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room Ltd., provides smokers with a unique opportunity to use running as a support in quitting smoking. Program registration opened January 6, 2016.

“Although some may question the connection between running and smoking and wonder why anyone who is trying to quit smoking would start running at the same time, research says combining exercise with quitting actually improves an individual’s chances of quitting successfully, ” said Julia Town, External Engagement Coordinator, Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division. “Exercise helps to reduce cravings, withdrawal symptoms, negative moods and weight gain. In fact, exercise has been shown to keep cravings and withdrawal symptoms away for up to 50 minutes after exercise. Exercise also reduces relapse by increasing coping abilities and self-esteem.”

During the test phase of Run to Quit, smokers who used running to quit were seven times more likely to succeed compared to those who quit cold turkey.

Run to Quit provides three options to participants: in-store training, virtual training and Commit to Quit. The Virtual Training Program and Commit to Quit are accessible from anywhere in the province. The first In-store training group sessions will take place at the Running Room on Spring Garden Road in Halifax.
The in-store training program includes 10 weekly group sessions to help you quit smoking and build stamina by learning to run/walk five kilometres. The virtual training program guides individuals through a gentle and progressive weekly audio instruction running program to quit smoking and learn to run and/or walk five kilometres. Commit to Quit is the most flexible option where individuals choose how they quit, and commit to completing a 5K run after being smoke free for about five weeks.

All three program streams encourage participants to quit smoking and complete a 5 km race / walk by July 31st, 2016 to be eligible to win a car or cash prize. The Run to Quit website provides an on-line community of support as well as smoking cessation and physical activity information.

For more information on Run to Quit, visit or call 1-800-419-2906 ext. 264.