In Practice

April 2017
Having Conversations with Patients about Serious Illness

February 2017
Paramedics Providing Palliative Care at Home Program:
Bridging the gap during a crisis

October 2016
Evidence-based Tobacco Cessation for Cancer Patients

April 2015
Physical Activity & Exercise Benefits Cancer Patients and Survivors

November 2013
Updated Nova Scotia Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines  
Updated Nova Scotia Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines (full document)
Inserts: Quick Reference Card Frequently Asked Questions

April 2013
Alcohol and Cancer Risk
Insert: Alcohol Screening Brief Intervention & Referral - A Clinical Guide

March 2012
Colon Cancer Prevention Program-- three years on

September 2010
Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

March 2010
Colon Cancer Prevention Program - FIT Kit
Insert - Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

January 2009
Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program

April 2008
Hormone Receptor Analysis in Breast Cancer 

March 2008
Heredity Cancer - Where and When to Refer

September 2007
Human Papilloma Virus Vaccines - New horizons in the prevention of cervical cancer 

May 2007
Ultraviolet Radiation - State of the Evidence on Vitamin D, Skin Cancer Risks and Health 

March 2007
Open Up and Say AHHH! - Management of Oral Complications from Cancer Therapy 

January 2007
Understanding Cancer in Nova Scotia 

September 2006
Cervical Cancer Screening: Changing Guidelines, New Screening and Prevention Strategies 

November 2005
Health Professional Counselling to Support Behaviour Change 

September 2005
Sentinel Node Technology: A Standard of Care

May 2005
Cancer Staging 

March 2005
Recommendations for Hormonal Therapy of Surgically-Treated, Endocrine-Responsive Invasive Breast Cancer

September 2003
Cervical Cancer Screening

July 2003
Skin Cancer: Basal Cell, Squamous Cell and Melanomas 

January 2003
Smoking: A Huge Health Concern 

September 2002
Important Correction to Mgmt of Fever & Infection

March 2002
Drug Assistance for Cancer Patients 

November 2001
Management of Fever & Infection in Cancer Patients 

July 2001
Cancer Pain Management, Part Two

March 2001
A Simple Approach to Cancer Pain Management 

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