Tobacco Control

About 30% of all cancers in Canada are caused by tobacco use, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff and cigars. It’s also the main cause of more than 85% of lung cancers.  In addition, second-hand smoke is the most common cause of preventable death in non-smokers.

Contributing to healthy, tobacco-free families and communities

Sport and recreation programs, including arts and culture, provide healthy alternatives to tobacco use through physical and social activities. It’s also a natural place to reinforce positive health messages and behaviour.

The Nova Scotia Tobacco-Free Sport and Recreation Program aims to prevent children and youth from starting to use tobacco. Its two main goals are:
• to encourage community groups and sport and recreation organizations working with youth to develop and implement tobacco-free policies, and
• to provide information and resources that will help make tobacco-free youth policies and programs easier and more successful.

Over 93,000 Nova Scotians have benefited from the tobacco-free sport and recreation message

Since 2003, the Nova Scotia Tobacco-Free Sport and Recreation Program has reached over 93,000 community members throughout Nova Scotia. To date, twenty organizations have received funding through the program, and promoted the tobacco-free message as part of their activities, events and programs.

The Nova Scotia Tobacco-Free Sport and Recreation Program is a collaborative effort co-led by Cancer Care Nova Scotia and the Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division. For more information on this program, please see Tobacco-Free Youth Sport and Recreation – How to Get There

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