Sun Safety in the Workplace

According to the national sun survey (2006), 29% of Atlantic Canadians age 16 - 64 have occupations that require them to work outdoors. Of these outdoor workers, 41% spend four or more hours outdoors daily. These statistics suggest a significant number of Nova Scotians may be subject to overexposure to Ultra Violet (UV) radiation, the number one risk factor for skin cancer, while at work.

Read the full factsheet on UV Exposure and Outdoor Workers.

For more information on sun safety workplace education, please see the Occupational Health Nurses Association of Nova Scotia website.   

The Sun Safe Nova Scotia coalition in partnership with the Occupational Health Nurses Association of Nova Scotia hosted a one hour webinar titled Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure and Outdoor Workers.

Dr. Peter Green, MD FRCPC, Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology at Dalhousie University, Dermatologist at Capital District Health Authority and Chair of the Sun Safe N.S. coalition

Dr. Thomas Tenkate, Director of the School of Occupational and Public Health at Ryerson University

Mr. Patrick Curley, Program Coordinator, Environmental Carcinogens Program, Health Protection with Alberta Health Services

Current information and evidence specific to UV exposure risk from the sun
information specific to UV exposure and risk to outdoor workers examples of strategies and practical ideas to address UV risk for outdoor workers

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