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Sun Safe Nova ScotiaBy including sun safety in your summer staff training schedule, you are setting your staff and volunteers up for success. They will understand the importance of sun safety, be able to wisely manage the risks and contribute to quality programming by keeping themselves and participants safe while playing outdoors.

There are 15, 30 and 60 minute training options included in this resource package below. Choose what works best for your training day(s). When possible, think about ways to include senior summer staff in the facilitation of the training.

If you have a policy and procedures in place or currently have specific expectations on the topic of sun safety – make sure these are linked to the activities. Please note: Sun Safe Nova Scotia has policy and procedure templates available for recreation and sport organizations. Request a template from  

• A variety training resources can be found in the Sun Safety Staff Training Resource Package.

• How the Sun Sees You – This video can be used at the start of a Sun Safety Training Session to reinforce the importance of practicing sun safe behaviours. 

Sun Safety and Sports - It Just Makes Sense (A great resource for coaches!)

These fact sheets can be used as a resource to distribute to staff and volunteers.

The UV Aware App (supported by Save your Skin Foundation) can be downloaded by staff and staff as a reminder of appropriate actions in relation to the UV Index. Sun Safe Nova Scotia has business cards with the details about the UV Index App that can be used to promote it with staff and volunteers. The application is free.

Sun Safety Webinar - Enhancing your capacity: Sun Safety and Staff Training


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