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Sun Safe Nova ScotiaA sun safety policy is important to protect children, youth and sport/recreation leaders from the potential dangers of too much sun exposure. The evidence shows that policy and education programs in recreation settings can change sun safety behaviour – particularly “covering up” behaviour.

We know that children and youth spend a significant amount of time outdoors. In a survey conducted in 2006, more than 50% of the children surveyed spent at least 2 hours in the sun on a typical summer day (National Sun Survey Highlights Report, July 2008). In that same survey, 20% of the children aged 6-12 years had experienced at least one sunburn during the summer prior to the survey.

Working with the Capital District Health Authority, Cancer Prevention Committee, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and Town of Windsor Recreation Programs, Sun Safe Nova Scotia developed Summer Sun Safety – A How To Guide for Recreation and Sport Programs. This guide presents the rationale for sun safety policy in the recreation and sport setting, shares the story of policy development from HRM and Town of Windsor and provides sample policies and tools to help recreation and sport directors and leaders to develop and implement an appropriate policy for their program.

Use these policy templates as a starting place for the creation of your own policy. Please add additional procedures that you would like to implement or remove procedures that you cannot commit to at this time. We encourage you to re-visit your policy each year and make any necessary updates.

Sample Policy #1 Template Recreation
Sample Policy #2 Template Recreation
Sample Policy Template Sport
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