Sun Safety in our Communities

Sun Safe Nova Scotia is working with government departments and programs to strengthen sun safety practices – particularly in areas where children are present, such as child care, municipal recreation programs, sport settings and schools.
It’s important that our children, youth and leaders are protected from the potential dangers of too much sun exposure. Sun Safe Nova Scotia is working with program directors and volunteers, public health staff and early childhood development officers to develop sun safety policies and guidelines that will create settings where sun safe practices are encouraged.

Sun Safety practices in these settings may include:
• Scheduling outdoor activities to avoid peak sun intensity times (11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

• Planning outdoor activities in shaded areas

• Educating staff, parents/guardians and children on the importance of sun safety practices and the policies and guidelines in place

• Having supports available (sunscreen, shade umbrellas, wide brimmed hats)

• Encouraging staff and program leaders to be sun safety role models

• Use of posters and/or signs to keep sun safety top of mind

• Checking the UV Index to inform daily planning

Make Sun Safety Part of Your Program!!

Through its work with municipal recreation departments, child care services and public health staff, Sun Safe Nova Scotia has developed resources to support the adoption of sun safety policies, guidelines and practice. These resources are available at no cost to individuals interested in supporting sun safety efforts in their community.

Resources include tools such as sample policies and guidelines, fact sheets, activity toolkits and training presentations for:

• Sun Safety in the Recreation Community

• Sun Safety in the Child Care Community

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