Sun Safety at Work Canada


Sun Safety at Work Canada wants workplaces to be safer for outdoor workers by improving sun safety. Outdoor workers have a higher risk of skin cancer and heat stress, and occupational sun exposure is a significant risk factor for both conditions. However, sun safety programs can be challenging to successfully implement in outdoor workplaces.

The purpose of the Sun Safety at Work Canada project is to raise awareness of the importance of sun safety and to help workplaces implement sun safety programs within their occupational health and safety (OHS) systems. The first phase of the project involved partnering with 16 workplaces across Canada to help them build sun safety into their OHS programs. We are incorporating what we learn from these workplaces into a new website to help make outdoor workplaces across Canada more sun safe. The website will launch in late summer 2016!

If you would like to be notified when the official website launches please send your name and email address to Tracy Burgess.

Resources available for download:
- About the Sun Safety at Work Canada project
- Project Poster
- Infographic on Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer for Outdoor Workers
Fact Sheet on Sun Safety Program Elements
- Poster on Heat Stress Safety
- Poster on Solar UV Safety
- Fact Sheet on Sun Safety Policies
- Heat Stress Fact Sheet
- Personal Risk Assessment (Heat Stress)
- Personal Risk Assessment (Sun and Skin Cancer)
- Humidex Heat Stress Alert Sheet (Word Document)
- Humidex Heat Stress Warning (Word Document)
- Heat Stress Signs and Symptoms
Sunscreen Fact Sheet
- UV Index Poster (Word Document)

For more information please contact:
Tracy Burgess
Advisor - Sun Safety at Work Canada
Phone: 902-791-1575

This project is funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Health Canada in cooperation with the Canadian Dermatology Association. It is a research, policy, and practice partnership between Ryerson University, Alberta Health Services, Canadian Cancer Society Nova Scotia, CAREX Canada, Occupational Cancer Research Centre at Cancer Care Ontario, Occupational Health Nurses Association of Nova Scotia, Sun Safe Nova Scotia Coalition, and WorkSafe BC. To encourage the sharing and use of Sun Safety at Work Canada resources, unless otherwise noted, these materials are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0/.

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