Symposium: Evidence and Policy

In March 2009, Cancer Care Nova Scotia hosted a national symposium on cancer prevention. Presentations from this event are found below.

Evidence and Policy: Preventing Cancer and Chronic Disease
Effect of the Quebec Ad Ban on Fast Food Expenditure - Kathy Baylis

Prevalence of overweight and obesity (classes I-III) in Canada, 1985-2003 -
Dr. Heather Bryant

Moving Policies Forward …Nutrition Labelling - Mary Bush

Policy and action for cancer prevention: Global, and in Canada - Geoffrey Cannon 

What Moves Policy Forward? - Elizabeth Dodson

Gaps and Opportunities for Policy Action on Physical Activity - Amy A. Eyler

The Global Recommendations and the Canadian Context - Diane T. Finegood

Overview of Legislation/Policies Addressing Nutrition, Physical Activity and Alcohol - Brian Hyndman

“Bringing the Evidence to the Public Domain: The State of the Evidence on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer Prevention” - John Milner

Moving Policy Forward - Michelle Murton

“The Tension Between Simple and Complex Messaging and Consumer Expectation” - Danielle Schor

Evidence of Effective Policy to Promote Physical Activity: The Built Environment - John C. Spence

Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer,The 2007 WCRF/AICR Expert Report - Martin Wiseman

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