Colon Cancer Prevention Program




The Colon Cancer Prevention Program (CCPP) was developed by Cancer Care Nova Scotia with the goal of reducing the number of deaths from colon cancer in Nova Scotia. It is a screening program designed to help find cancer and pre-cancerous growths in Nova Scotians aged 50-74.  If these growths are found early, colon cancer can be prevented.

Every two years, Nova Scotians between the ages of 50-74 will be sent a colon cancer screening kit in the mail.

Is it working?
It is!!! More than 6000 Nova Scotians who did the test when they were feeling fine and had no warning signs, were found to have pre-cancerous growths. The growths were removed and cancer was prevented. Over 350 Nova Scotians were found to have a cancer, often diagnosed at an early stage when treatment is most effective.

More information for health professionals...

We want more people to do the test – every two years --- when they receive it in the mail. See our Colon Cancer Prevention Program Fact Sheet to find out why.

Wouldn’t two samples be better than one, which would mean the old test is better?
We wondered the same thing! However, before deciding to change we reviewed all the published studies from researchers in other countries who had addressed this question. They found that there was little difference in the results from one or two samples, so we went with the single sample.

What is the difference between the new test and the Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) that I can get from my doctor?
The FOBT detects blood that comes from any part of the bowel and also tests positive from blood in the diet like red meat (that must be avoided before taking the test).

The new test (similar to our original test) is much more specific: it detects only human blood and, more specifically, it detects only blood that comes from the colon – and that’s exactly what we are looking for! So it’s easier to do -- you don’t need to change your diet and only one sample is needed.

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