Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Program (CCPP) is dedicated to decreasing the incidence of cervical cancer in the province of Nova Scotia. Its efforts are aimed at prevention, early detection and appropriate management of cervical cancer, the ninth most common cancer among Canadian women. The Program also focuses on developing, implementing and monitoring guidelines for screening, and quality assurance practices in laboratories.

The CCPP is responsible for the Provincial Cytology/Colposcopy Registry, a confidential database of all Pap smears performed in the province since 1978 and most colposcopies since 1990. In addition to monitoring Pap smear activity, the Registry also operates a physician reminder letter process. This process acts as a safety net for physicians and women, ensuring that patients with significantly abnormal Pap test results do not get lost to follow-up.

The CCPP partners with the Department of Health and Wellness, Doctors Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists and the Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division to raise awareness among women about the importance of regular Pap tests in preventing cervical cancer.

The program is an active member of the Pan-Canadian Cervical Screening Initiative, formed by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer which provides a national forum for discussion and action to improve cervical cancer control.

CCNS hosted a meeting of stakeholders and experts in the Spring of 2013 to review the most recent evidence and recommendations for cervical cancer screening. As a result of this meeting, the Nova Scotia Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines have been updated.

See the cervical cancer screening resources available from the CCPP

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