Patients & Families
Patients and Families
The White Ribbon Kit: Lung Cancer Patient Information

This kit provides information to a variety of online lung cancer resources. A paper version of this kit will be available soon.

You may also find the following booklet helpful. It describes the tests and next steps after an abnormal chest x-ray or chest CT:
• Information for Patients with an Abnormal Lung X-ray

Access the lung cancer resources below:

Introductory letter to lung cancer patients and their families.
Lung Cancer: Understanding your Diagnosis - a pamphlet from the Canadian Cancer Society.
A Patient’s Guide to Lung Cancer- a booklet from Lung Cancer Canada. You can also have this booklet mailed to you free of charge by calling 1-888-445-4403.
When Should I Call my Doctor? A guide for patients being investigated or treated for lung cancer.
Overview of Lung Cancer Treatment
Cancer Patient Navigation Services in Nova Scotia.
Recommended Lung Cancer Online Resources - a list of recommended websites.

Other cancer-related resources:
The Information Kit for People Newly Diagnosed with Cancer
The Cancer Care Guide for Patients, Families and Caregivers

You may be interested in the Canadian Cancer Society’s free, confidential, telephone based Peer Support program. This program connects people living with lung cancer with a lung cancer survivor who is a trained volunteer. The volunteer listens, offer encouragement and shares ideas for coping – all from their unique perspective as someone who’s been there. Family members can also be connected with volunteers who have cared for a person with lung cancer.

To register call 1-888-939-3333 or email For more information visit

Did you know?
It is never too late to quit using tobacco.

Quitting tobacco use after a cancer diagnosis reduces the risk of infection from surgery, reduces the side-effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy and improves treatment outcomes.

Help is available. If you want to quit, talk to your health care provider or call 811 to be connected to a tobacco cessation counselor who can offer assistance over the phone and refer you to a quit program in your area. There is no cost and no referral is required. Online resources are also available at: