Coping with Cancer

Coping with cancer can be difficult for not only the patient, but for the caregiver, family members or friends.

When you first learn that you or a loved one have cancer, your feelings may overwhelm you. Common reactions include sadness, fear, anger, denial and feeling helpless. You should know that these feelings are normal. Almost all people will have them. They are not a sign of weakness. You should not feel guilty about having these feelings. provides you with video series from a diverse group of Canadian individuals who have had cancer, or are caring for someone with cancer. The video series answer many questions and describe many experiences regarding the cancer journey.
View "The Truth of It" Video Series

Coping With Frequently Experienced Cancer-Related Symptoms: Videos

The following series of educational videos focus on five symptoms that many cancer patients and survivors experience during their cancer journey. The symptoms include: Cancer-Related Worry and Anxiety, Sadness and Depression, Fatigue, Pain, and “Brain Fog”. In each video, the presenters will provide you information about the symptom, contributing factors, helpful coping strategies, and resources you can access. The presenters are health care providers, who work with individuals dealing with cancer within the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

















































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