Cancer Treatment

Once you have been diagnosed with cancer, you will then meet with your cancer specialist to discuss treatments. There are three main ways to treat cancer: surgery, drugs (chemotherapy) and radiation therapy. The goal of surgery is to remove tumours.  The goal of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is to kill, stop or slow the growth of cancer cells.

The type of treatment you have depends on the type and stage of your cancer. Some patients have only one type of treatment, others a combination. Some patients might be placed in a clinical trial; The process and timeframe for treatment and recovery varies greatly among patients.

Side effects may occur with any type of treatment and this is to be expected. Side effects will vary from person to person. It is important to remember that side effects are not a sign of how well the treatment is working against your cancer. Your doctor and nurse will do everything they can to help you manage your side effects.

Ask your healthcare team what type of side effects you might expect and how to manage them.

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