Immunotherapy is a way of treating cancer by using the body's immune system to fight cancer cells. It is sometimes called biological therapy. Immunotherapy uses substances similar to those in your own system to boost your body's immune system, so it will attack and kill the cancer cells. They are called Biologic Response Modifiers.

Immunotherapy can help: 
    • cure your cancer 
    • stop cancer cells from growing 
    • help healthy immune cells fight cancer cells 
    • reduce the risk of cancer coming back 
    • reduce the side effects caused by some cancer treatments

Side effects
Side effects of immunotherapy will depend mainly on: 
    • the type of drug(s) 
    • the dose 
    • how the drug is given 
    • your overall health

Side effects can happen anytime during treatment. Some may happen during, immediately after or a few days or weeks after treatment. Most side effects go away when treatment is finished. However, some side effects may continue after treatment is over.

It is important to report any experienced side effects to your healthcare team. Sometimes immunotherapy needs to be adjusted if side effects are severe.

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