Cape Breton Cancer Centre

A diagnosis of cancer presents the patient and their family with one of their greatest life challenges.

The Cape Breton Cancer Centre exists to provide comprehensive healthcare and to improve the lives of those affected with cancer. In fulfillment of this purpose, the Cancer Centre provides a range of oncology services including medical, radiation, gynecology, hematology, pediatric consultation, treatment and follow-up. The Cancer Centre has a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals to help patients and their families cope with the physical, emotional and financial impact of cancer and its treatment.

Our team will help you understand your diagnosis, as well as the treatment choices that are available to you. Our emphasis is on quality of care and quality of life.

Virtual Tour information

The Cape Breton Cancer Centre is located at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Patients can enter the Cancer Centre to the left of the main enterance of the hospital.

You can also enter the centre from the first floor of the Regional Hospital.












To the left upon entering from the main enterance is a nice quiet waiting room where you can wait for your appointment after registering at the reception desk.



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