Common concerns and questions

Common concerns and questions from patients, families and supporters

We encourage you to write down a list of any questions you have and bring them with you. Please do not be nervous about asking a lot of questions. Here are some questions that people with cancer and their supporters often ask:

• What type of cancer do I have?
• What stage is my cancer?
• What tests will I need?
• When will I get the results?
• Can someone else catch cancer from me?
• What treatment options are there?
• What is the best treatment for my cancer?
• Where can I get my cancer treatment?
• When will the treatments begin?
• When and how will I know if the treatments work?
• If I take radiation treatment, will I be radioactive?
• How often will I see my cancer doctor during my treatments?
• Should I get a second opinion?
• Will I be able to work while I am having treatment?
• Can I keep doing the things I used to do?
• What should I not do?
• What happens after my cancer treatments?

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