Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What information will you receive before arriving for your first appointment? 

A. When you are called with your cancer centre appointment, a book entitled Navigating the System: A Guide for Patients, Families and Caregivers will be mailed to you. This book will provide detailed information on the Cancer Centre and its' services.

Q. What can I expect on my first visit?

A. During your visit:
o Write down a list of any possible questions you may have.
o Be aware that your cancer care team is made up of many different kinds of people including doctors, nurses, dietitians, therapists, social workers and students.
o Bring your health card, any prescriptions or medications, as well as be prepared to fill out registration information.
o After you register, you will be seen by an oncology (cancer nurse). The nurse will take you to an examining room. He or she will ask you important questions about yourself, your family and what has been happening to you. They will help you understand the information you are given, or if you have any initial questions or concerns.
o Then you will be examined by an oncologist (cancer specialist). There are several different types of cancer doctors.
• After your first assessment, your cancer care team may refer you to see other professionals including dietitians, occupational therapists, spiritual care workers, pharmacist and physiotherapists.
After your visit:
• Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, comments or concerns.
• Talk to your family and friends and seek out the resources that best suit you.
• Know that your oncology team is working hard to help you every step of the way.

Q. What about my financial concerns?

A. If you have financial concerns, please discuss them with your nurse or doctor and they will try to find help. The Canadian Cancer Society or a social worker, at the Cape Breton Cancer Centre, will be able to connect you with the government services and community organizations that can provide financial help.

It is a good idea to keep all your travel, food and accommodation receipts. You may be able to claim them on your income tax return. You can get more information from the person who prepares your tax return.

Q. What about my medications?

A. You will not pay for the cancer care provided at the Cape Breton Cancer Centre. It is covered by the province's health insurance.
• Cancer medicines will be provided free of charge to patients, while they are in the hospital.
• If you are prescribed medicines to take at home, you will need to pay for these.
• Some private medical plans will cover the costs, or part of the costs, for medicines taken outside the hospital. If you have a private insurance plan, you should call the company to find out what costs it will cover.
• Be sure to ask your cancer care team, which costs are covered and which are not.

Q. Where can I park?

A. There is a parking lot, near the entrance of the Cancer Centre. This is metered parking and has a limited number of spaces.
Additional parking is located in the middle section of the first parking lot, past the Cancer Centre, for $3.00 unlimited time.

There is a parking lot, at the front of the Regional Hospital. Payment is made upon leaving the lot, so ensure you have the correct change. You can buy weekly passes for this lot from the Hospital Foundation office on Level II. If you use this lot, you can enter the Cancer Centre through the Regional Hospital.

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