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Support Groups

Some patients find Cancer support groups beneficial as they progress through the cancer journey. Different support groups have different goals. Some groups focus on sharing thoughts and feelings about cancer. These groups help people to support each other and develop new ways to cope. Other groups focus on education around different aspects of cancer. Many groups combine both support and education.

It may help to discuss your goals with the person running the group to see if the group offers what you need. You may want to check out a few different groups to find one that works best for you. It is important to remember that some groups may be led by a health care professional, and some are led by peers and volunteers.

There are several ways to find a support group in your area:
• Halifax: 902-473-6067 (Nova Scotia Cancer Centre)

• For Hematology, contact David Maginley at 902-473-3449, or Janice Spencer at 902-473-4072.

• Sydney: 902-567-8551 (Social Worker at the Cape Breton Cancer Centre)

• All other districts: 1-866-524-1234 (Cancer Patient Navigators).

• Canadian Cancer Society 1-800-639-0222 or visit  

• Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada

You can also find support groups in your area by viewing the Services available in Your District section of our website.

What about online support groups?
Many people choose online support groups. These groups help people who may not wish to attend a face-to-face group, or to who live in a rural area where there are no face-to-face groups. Be careful when looking for an online group. Anyone with internet access can create an online group, even if they do not have any experience on the subject.

Listed below are reputable online support groups:
    •  Cancer Chat Canada 
    •  Cancer Connection 
    •  Teen Connect
    •  Life with Cancer    
    •  Survivor Net
    •  Patients Like Me