Practical Challenges

Being diagnosed with cancer, can raise many practical challenges. You may find yourself needing financial assistance, or you may need to find somewhere to stay and methods of transportation if you do not live near the local treatment centre.

Financial Concerns
If you have any financial concerns, please discuss them with your healthcare team, and they will try to find help. The social worker at the Cancer Centre or hospital can connect you to government services and community organizations. They have the ability and knowledge to assist you in the best way possible.

You may have many questions regarding your finances, such as:

What treatment will I have to pay for?
You will not pay for the cancer care provided at the Cancer Centre or the satellite oncology clinics. It is covered by the province’s health insurance.

What is Disability Income Insurance?

Can I get help from Employment Insurance (EI)?

What is the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefit?

What is Income Assistance (IA)?

I worry about how much I will have to pay for cancer medications. How much will it cost?

What if I don’t have an insurance plan?

How do I find out if my insurance plan or NS Pharmacare will cover my medications?

What can I do if my medications are not covered?

I’m still having trouble getting my medication. Now what?

Does the Canadian Cancer Society help with drug costs?

View information about Private Insurance Plans

Remember, when you are feeling overwhelmed, you should always reach out to sources of support and guidance.

For more information on Medical and Drug coverage visit the following links:

Canada Revenue Agency – Medical Expenses

For more information on Medical Benefits visit the following links:
Employment Insurance (IE) Benefits

EI – Compassionate Care Benefits

Canada Pension Plan – Disability Benefits

Places to Stay
If you are receiving treatment in Halifax, view information about places to stay while you are undergoing cancer treatment.

If you are receiving treatment in Sydney, view information about places to stay while you are undergoing cancer treatment.

View information about methods of transportation that will aid you during your cancer journey.

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