Patients & Families
Patients and Families
Eating well is important before, during, and after cancer treatment. Eating the healthy foods can help you fight cancer and stay strong during and after treatment.

During treatment, your appetite can be affected. Many patients feel nauseated and some patients have problems with chewing or swallowing while undergoing cancer treatments. If you are having trouble eating, talk to your healthcare team.

Try to follow the Canada Food Guide and eat healthy meals. Talk to a dietitian if you need a special diet, such as low-fiber, puréed meals.

Limit Caffeine and alcohol use

You may find it helpful to read the Canadian Cancer Society's booklet on, Eating Well when you have Cancer: A guide to good nutrition. The booklet will provide you with information on how to maintain a healthy diet while dealing with the side effects of cancer treatment. The booklet also contains many recipes appropriate for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment.