Patients & Families
Patients and Families
South Shore Health

Support Groups in Your District:
Your Cancer Patient Navigator, Kristina MacKenzie, will be able to provide you with appropriate support groups that are specific to the challenges you are facing.

Palliative Care Programs in Your District:
The South Shore Health Palliative Care Service includes an inter-professional Palliative Care Team that includes a physician, nurses, a social worker, and volunteers. The service includes hospital and home visiting at Queens General Hospital, South Shore Regional Hospital and Fisherman’s Memorial Hospital. The team will help you cope with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer. 

For more information on the South Shore Health Palliative Care Service, contact Janet Carver, 902-634-7387.

For more information on Services available within South Shore Health, view the South Shore Health website.

If you would like to search for a support group, a place to stay, a clinic, or any other accommodation near you, view the Canadian Cancer Society's Community Services Locator.