Patients & Families
Patients and Families
Cape Breton District Health Authority

Support Groups in your District:
The Cancer Patient Navigator for your community will be able to provide you with appropriate support groups that are specific to the challenges you are facing.
The Cape Breton District Health Authority provides a list of support groups and education programs in your district.

Cape Breton Cancer Centre
1482 George Street.
Sydney, NS
Tel: (902) 567-7771. 

Palliative Care Programs in Your District:
The Sacred Heart Community Health Center provides Palliative Care for patients in the Cape Breton District Health Authority district. The program includes in home and hospital consultations as well as education and volunteer services.

For more information on the Palliative Care Program in your district, contact Diane Leblanc, 902 224-4013.

For more information on services in your district, view the Cape Breton District Health Authority website.

 If you would like to search for a support group, a place to stay, a clinic, or any other accommodation near you, view the Canadian Cancer Society's Community Services Locator.


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Cancer Patient Navigators
Theresa McCarthy
902 567 6122

Rose Anderson
902 295 1163

Elaine Bennett
902 224 4002

Neil's Harbour:
Wanda Barron
902 336 2504

Melissa Beaton
902 258 1129

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