Supporting Someone with Cancer

When a family member or friend is diagnosed with cancer, it is likely that they will experience a range of emotions, that may include sadness, anxiety, anger, fear or feelings of helplessness.

You may feel confused, scared, or unsure of how to support somebody close to you who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It may be difficult to know what to say, and how to remain supportive.

The links listed below will help you support a cancer patient that is close to you: 
    • Canadian Cancer Society 

How to Help in Practical Ways
Cancer patients not only deal with emotional and physical challenges, but may often struggle with practical challenges as well. These may include financial stresses, transportation issues, or finding places to stay near their location of treatment. They may find relief by having someone who cares about them deal with the practical challenges involved in cancer. By helping in practical ways, the patient will be able to concentrate on treatment and rest.

Patients who do not have the ability to go home between cancer patients may need a place to stay between treatments. 
View information about places to stay in Halifax, or about places to stay in Sydney.

Financial challenges do not always have to be a concern.
View information about financial challenges.

If you are not able to drive your loved ones to treatments or hospital visits, there are other options. 
View information about transportation.

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