Patients & Families
Patients and Families
When a Loved one Completes Treatment
There are many definitions of a “cancer survivor”. We use “cancer survivor” to describe people who have finished, and are recovering from cancer treatment. When a loved one has finished cancer treatment, they can experience a time of highs and lows. For some patients, going back to their regular life, or a “new normal” is not that easy. Your loved one may feel lost because they are no longer receiving active treatment; they may have a hard time adjusting to not seeing their health care team regularly. Along with the relief that can be felt when treatment is complete, it is normal for your loved one to have concerns about the future. Many cancer patients say returning to life after cancer can be a journey in itself. 

The Canadian Cancer Society's booklet on "Life After Treatment" can help you deal with the struggles your loved one may still be facing. The booklet covers issues such as follow up medical care, physical and emotional changes, changes in social relationships, and workplace issues.