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What is the Cancer Patient Family Network?
The Cancer Patient Family Network (CPFN) is a program of Cancer Care Nova Scotia (CCNS). The CPFN connects cancer patients, survivors, family members, and friends who want to help make the cancer system better with opportunities to do so.

What is Cancer Care Nova Scotia?
Cancer Care Nova Scotia (CCNS) is a program of the Department of Health and Wellness. CCNS works with cancer patients and families, and cancer care providers to improve the cancer care system. We provide leadership and coordination to improve cancer care in Nova Scotia.

What is the cancer system?
The cancer system is part of the healthcare system that provides care to cancer patients and families. It includes the standards, policies, programs, equipment, facilities, and human resources (such as doctors, nurses, administrators and patients and families themselves) who work together in an effort to provide quality cancer care.

What does the Cancer Patient Family Network do?
Members of the CPFN participate in focus groups and committees, complete surveys, and review cancer patient/family education materials. These contributions are used to help to improve the cancer care system in Nova Scotia.

Why do we have a Cancer Patient Family Network?
Cancer patients, families, and friends have unique, valuable perspectives to share about cancer care. It is important to hear from people who have experience with the cancer system in order to see what can be changed to better meet people’s needs.

What will happen if I decide to join the Cancer Patient Family Network?
If you join the CPFN, the Patient Engagement Coordinator will call you to see if you have any questions and ask how you would like to get involved. From time to time CCNS will invite you to participate in focus groups, committees, and surveys about cancer related issues, and to review cancer patient/family education materials. We will let you know how members’ contributions are being used to improve cancer care. If you join the CPFN there is no obligation to respond to invitations to participate.

Who do I contact if I am looking for information about cancer or support?
Contact Cancer Care Nova Scotia by calling our toll-free Information Line1-866-599-2267, emailing, or visiting

For more information about the Cancer Patient Family Network, please contact the Patient Engagement Coordinator at 902-473-2637 or email

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