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Cancer Patient Family Network
Partners in Cancer System Improvement

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If you or someone close to you has cancer, or has had cancer in the past, you may want to get involved with the Cancer Patient Family Network (CPFN). The CPFN is a program of Cancer Care Nova Scotia that connects cancer patients, survivors, family members, and friends with opportunities to improve the cancer system. As a member of the CPFN you will have opportunities to participate in focus groups and committees, complete surveys, and review patient education resources.

Sound interesting? Why not get involved today?
You can become a member of the CPFN by filling out our online registration form. 

To learn more about the Cancer Patient Family Network, please contact the Patient Engagement Coordinator at 902-473-2637 or email

CCNS does not share CPFN members' contact information with other organizations without your consent. You are free to accept or refuse our invitation to join the CPFN.

Your decision to join or not join will not harm your relationship with your physician or any health care provider. If you join the CPFN, participation in system improvement work is voluntary. The Patient Engagement Coordinator will call you to see how you would like to get involved.