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Patients and Families
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Have you had chemotherapy within the Nova Scotian Cancer System?
Your experience and knowledge can help us make improvements on our quality and safety committee.

We are seeking two (2) Volunteer Public Advisors to become members of the Systemic Therapy Quality Improvement and Safety Committee (ST-QIS).

(Systemic Therapy is medical terminology for what is commonly known as chemotherapy. Systemic Therapy includes any drug treatment for cancer, whether given by mouth (pill), IV or other ways.)

The ST-QIS is part of the NSHA Quality and System Performance improvement program and is formed to assess, investigate, evaluate or make recommendations respecting the provision of systemic therapy by the NSHA in order to maintain, ensure and improve quality or standards of health service.

The delivery of systemic therapy in Nova Scotia is based in two cancer centers, the IWK Children’s Hospital and 8 hospital clinics.

The priorities of the committee are:
1. Quality Improvement
2. Patient Safety
3. Accreditation
4. Patient Experience and Patient Relations
5. Performance and Accountability
6. Education
Having patients as part of the quality team will help ensure we can best deliver patient centred choices.

Do you have:
• A personal experience or interest in the Nova Scotia Cancer System? (as a patient, family member or public stakeholder)
• An ability to communicate the perspective of patients and families?
• A willingness to work collaboratively in a group forum that includes health professionals, senior administrators and patients?
• The time to attend meetings during business hours.

Public Advisor Commitment
• Attend meetings, in person or through distance technology.
  o Meetings are on a monthly basis
• Sign and comply with confidentiality and conflict of interest policies of the NSHA
• Complete a Criminal Records Check
  o Reimbursement of fee will be provided
• Attend NSHA Volunteer General Orientation in your zone

Our Commitment
• We are committed to involving and supporting Public Advisors to help inform patient centred approached to cancer care.
• We are committed to complying with the Core Values of Public Participation
• We are committed to listening to your perspective and incorporating your advice to the maximum extent possible and providing you with feedback on how your input effected any decisions.
• Orientation to the role will be provided
• You will be supported by the Patient Engagement Coordinator, CCNS
• We are seeking and welcome a diversity of experience and background on the committee

It is important to note that participating (or choosing not to participate) will not impact your current or future health care in any way.
We do not expect Public Advisors to be or become experts in clinical matters or research – your experience provides you with a unique perspective to share.

• If you are interested, please respond by March 29, 2017 via email to Leslie Hill, Patient Engagement Coordinator, or for any further inquiries call Leslie at 902-473-2637.

Selection Process
• All respondents will be contacted by the Patient Engagement Coordinator at Cancer Care Nova Scotia and asked to complete an application process
• Successful applicants will be contacted for a phone interview as part of the selection process.
• Final selection of committee members will be at the discretion of the committee chair or leadership.