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Systemic Therapy

The standards for the safe delivery of chemotherapy are known as the “Levels of Care for Systemic Therapy”. They define four categories of hospital where systemic therapy can be given. Each drug is assigned a level to correspond with the appropriate hospital level for optimal patient safety. These drug levels are categorized in the Provincial Formulary of Cancer Drugs as well as drug and regimen monographs in the Systemic Therapy Manual.

The Levels of Care for Systemic Therapy will also be supported by four provincial policies on systemic therapy ordering (under review), Preparation of Cancer Chemotherapy (approved), Administration of Cancer Chemotherapy (approved), and safe handling (not yet developed). Having consistent policies across the province allows us to reduce the potential for error.

CCNS is also in the process of developing education programs for nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians involved in chemotherapy administration to address gaps identified. Information about these education programs will be available on the Health Professional section of the website when they are available.

Provincial Policies