Health Professionals
Health Professionals
Improving the Cancer Patient Experience in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

Measuring Patient-Reported Outcomes to Address Patient Experience in Three Atlantic Provinces: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

Co-lead agencies:
Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness - Cancer Care Nova Scotia,
Capital Health Cancer Care Program, Cape Breton Cancer Centre, NS
Health PEI, Prince Edward Island Cancer Treatment Centre and Satellite Clinic, PEI
Cancer Care Program Eastern Health, NL

The project at a glance:

• This project will benefit adult cancer patients and their families by measuring patient- reported outcomes in four important health areas: anxiety, depression, fatigue, and pain, as well as helping patients address these health concerns. In addition, the existing Screening for Distress Program in NS and PEI will be expanded to include rescreening at the end of cancer treatment, a significant transition period for patients and their families. Further, a Screening for Distress Program will be developed and implemented in NL.

• For adult cancer patients in NS receiving treatment at the Capital Health Cancer Care Program or the Cape Breton Cancer Centre, in PEI receiving treatment at the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre and satellite clinic, and in NL receiving treatment at the Cancer Care Program Eastern Health, more attention and focus will be placed on the multiple challenges of cancer. Attending to the physical, psychological, emotional, social, practical, and spiritual challenges of our cancer patients allows us to treat patients and families in a more holistic way, to meet individual patients needs, and to improve patients’ quality of life.

• Identifying, measuring and treating the specific and varied concerns of cancer patients will improve patient experience across the cancer journey.
This is an excellent opportunity for NS, PEI, and NL to collaborate to improve cancer patient experience in Atlantic Canada. Each of the provincial jurisdictions will be working closely with their respective stakeholders. NS and PEI will collaborate with NL in their development and implementation of their Screening for Distress program. NS and PEI will focus on the systematic measurement of patient- reported outcomes, as well as establishing psychoeducation sessions in each of these areas as programmatic interventions to help address these concerns. As well, NS and PEI will expand their Screening for Distress Programs to rescreening at the end of cancer treatment. We will be engaging clinical leaders, administrators, health care providers and patients throughout the project, providing education sessions, and disseminating information. Evaluation will include quantitative and qualitative methods.

This is a three year project funded in part by Health Canada through the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

Key contacts:

Janice L. Howes, Ph. D., R. Psych.
Cancer Care Nova Scotia, Capital Health
Lead, Co-lead NS

Dawn MacIsaac, R. TR, BScR.
Health PEI – PEI Cancer Treatment Centre
Co-Lead PEI

Chris Power, RN
Cancer Care Program Eastern Health
Project Manager NL