Cancer Site Teams

Cancer Site Teams are multi-disciplinary teams of clinical experts from across the province. These teams of health professionals focus on cancers in a particular anatomic site (e.g. breast, thoracic), age group (e.g. pediatrics) or topic (e.g. supportive care).

Cancer Care Nova Scotia established the Cancer Site Teams to provide advice on policies, guidelines and standards that bear on clinical service, education and research for cancer patients with certain kinds of cancer in Nova Scotia.

Any health professional in Nova Scotia who has an interest in a particular cancer is welcome to join the appropriate Cancer Site Team. Please contact Jill Petrella, Quality Coordinator, Cancer Care Nova Scotia at (902) 473-2936 or

The Cancer Site Teams meet regularly for case management conferences and to provide interdisciplinary clinical expertise on patient problems.

Health professionals may refer difficult cases to the appropriate Cancer Site Team for case discussion. Arrangements can be made for these health professionals to participate in the discussion through telehealth or teleconference.

To place a case on the agenda for a clinical case discussion, please contact Heather MacKenzie, Cancer Site Team Secretary at (902) 473-6478 or 

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